Glow Events Delivers Premium Suhoor Experience for BMW AGMC

Glow Events Delivers Premium Suhoor Experience for BMW AGMC
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The AGMC is a renowned automotive dealer and service provider, delivering excellent services for almost 45 years while being exclusive importer for BMW Group. The AGMC is known for its premium quality and superior products and services and its commitment towards customer excellence. The AGMC is the official and exclusive importer of BMW in the country. The AGMC is committed to a multitude of social and environmental initiatives. The BMW AGMC have recently decided to organize a couple of Suhoor events for their premium customers, partners and stakeholders. Such socializing and networking events in Ramadan are very common in Dubai, and other regions of the UAE.

However, the BMW AGMC wanted to make these events unique, memorable and stand out. For that the BMW AGMC hired Glow Events. At Glow Events we not only work on the customer needs, but our experts and experienced team aimed to enhance and amplify the impact of the event on business goals. We start with intensive requirement gathering then we refine the idea, model and design it and then we execute the project completely seamlessly. The BMW AGMC planned two Suhoors one for the Mini and the other for Motorrad.

Although the Suhoor and events alike are aimed for socializing and networking, however, the BMW AGMC wanted something unique, memorable, elegant, luxurious and exclusive. The Glow Events is a reputed and well-known event management company with a very strong portfolio. After a long evaluation and scrutiny the project was awarded to Glow Events however, by that time the deadline was very close. We were requested to organize the full Suhoor events from a-to-z in a very short timeline, which made this project a bit more challenging.

With our comprehensive designing process and attention to each minute detail we transformed the venue into a highly appealing, sophisticated, luxurious and elegant space that aligns with the brand image and identify of the BMW. The Suhoor events served for BMW AGMC well, enabling them to engage with their audience. Both the Mini and Motorrod Suhoor were managed by Glow Events. We not only designed the venue, but we also worked on the catering services. Best of the best food was served along with a multitude of add-ons, sweets, drinks, Arabic teas and much more. Moreover the live Arabic music performance and exclusive cartoonists were hired to further enhance the customer experience.

Here are the remarks of our Project Manager, Ms. Maheen Waheed:

“I am extremely happy with the groundbreaking success of both Mini and Motorrad Suhoor Events. The BMW AGMC is a prestigious client, the team is highly professional and very cooperative. We will look forward to expand our collaboration with BMW AGMC.”

Glow Events is a well-reputed event planning and management service provider with a strong and experienced workforce, prestigious clientele and great value on returns distinguishes us from the others. This project was a bit challenging because of the quicker deadlines, however, we have successfully managed to complete it on time. At Glow Events we never compromises on the quality of the work or service. We will look forward to more such exciting projects with BMW AGMC.

Glow Events Delivers Premium Suhoor Experience for BMW AGMC

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