Glow – Interior Design that Soothes Your Senses

Glow – Interior Design that Soothes Your Senses
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Be it a simple home design or a stylish villa decoration, we offer the best-in-class solutions for you. Focus on your requirements and inclusion of our ideas makes every element in your home aesthetically pleasant and practically utilitarian.

Classic or contemporary living room ideas, modern or rustic kitchen design, cozy or chic bedroom decor, sophisticated spa-style or simply functional bathroom designs – what you wish for is exactly what you get from us. Take a look at our portfolio to get a glimpse of our accomplishments in the realm of residential properties.

We are one of the best fit-out companies in Dubai providing our clients with tailor-made solutions and services to suit their every need. Whether it’s a home or an office, just let us fit it up for you. And you won’t need to bother about it anymore.

With our excellent design and decoration solutions and services, you can take up the task of designing and decorating your residential or commercial space and complete it without a hitch. Be it picking out the right office furniture, deciding the color scheme or selecting the bath fittings, with us, it’s just a matter of minutes.

And you needn’t bother about how a space will appear after it is completed. With our 3D interior design option, you can get a clear idea about the look and feel of the space even before we start to work on it.

Interior Design & Execution Process

The right mix of aesthetics and practicality is essential to make any space look and feel perfect. To do it, you need a little help from the professionals specializing in interior design Dubai. The designing and decoration requires professionals and expertise. With our team of interior decor and design experts, transforming your dream of the perfect space into a reality is a simple task!

Fitout for Your New or Existing Place

Whether you are moving to a new office or refurbishing your existing establishment, with our team of designers and decorators, it’s a hassle free task. Our services include fit-out, floor remodel, structural work, external work, and so on. Consult us for a fitout Dubai project, chalk out a project plan, and leave the rest of the task for us.

Concept Development

We pay full attentions to give a concrete shape to your dream at the concept development stage. Verbal communication often leads to chaos. That’s why we plan out the course of action, focusing on your requirements and including our inputs. Interior concept development requires careful consideration of elements such as millwork concepts, ceiling and cabinetry elevations, and furniture layouts.

Architectural Lighting Design

Whether its ambient lighting for general illumination, spot lighting for specific focus, or task lighting for particular work areas, it’s necessary to understand the look, feel and use of a space before designing architectural lighting. Making proper use of natural light and incorporating the right artificial light can add to the aesthetics and functionality of a space.

Interior Furniture Design

Today’s versatile spaces require multidimensional interiors. And the interior furniture is no exception. To design the right home and office furniture, which suits your space, tastes and requirements, you need help from the experts. Our team of designers and decorators can advise and assist you in the selection process of residential and corporate furniture. And also help you decide the furniture layout.

Exhibition & Stall Design

Your stall design must awe and inspire! It’s no trouble; just give us a call and we will help you create an exhibition and stall design layout that stands out from the rest. And that too for the right reasons! With our expertise, a winning exhibition design isn’t a farfetched dream anymore.

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